Whalley Ave.
New Haven

Features & Amenities

This TopKat Location

This is the largest of all the TopKat laundromats with almost 7,000 square feet of washing power! This store has been open and serving the community since 2005.


We added a “MegaKat” 125lb washer in 2016 to cater to even your largest loads. This machine will not only shock you for its size but for its value as well, the “MegaKat” is a great deal! Come in and use the largest public washer available, its what everyone in the laundry world is talking about.

Connecticut’s Largest Washers Available

You have the clothes, we have the machines to wash them. With our abundance of extra large machines including 80, 100 and 125 lb capacities, you will find the perfect machines for your laundry needs.

Wash & Fold Service

If you don’t have time to do your laundry, or simply don’t want to do it, stop in and enjoy our Wash & Fold service. With this service you drop off your laundry and we will do the rest. We will wash, dry and fold your laundry to your specifications and all you have to do is pick it up.

Dry Cleaning & Shirt Laundry

Our professional dry cleaning staff is trusted in the industry with over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. You get the professional quality with the prices you already love from all TopKat services.

On-Site Parking

We know its a pain to carry your laundry from your car when its parked blocks away, thats why we have plenty of on-site parking. You can take advantage of our convenient parking so you don’t have to worry if you’re going to find a close enough spot.


We have an abundance of laundry carts and tables to help you do your laundry more efficiently. We carry a large selection of laundry soaps, bags, softeners, etc. so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.


While you wait for your laundry, we have plenty of seating so you can relax. We also have snack, drink and game machines. For the lotto enthusiasts, we have lotto scratch vending machines and Powerball tickets available at participating locations — check store for availability.

Everyday Values

Bonus Money

When you load your laundry card with at least $20 we will add extra bonus money on your card for you.
  • Valid at every location

Visit store for details

Dry Cleaning & Shirt Laundry

Bring 5 or more shirts to be laundered and you will always get a discount!
With over 50 years of combined industry experience, you can trust our professional dry cleaning staff with all your dry cleaning and shirt laundry needs.
  • Offered at every location

Visit store for details

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1289 Whalley Ave., New Haven, CT 06515 (203) 389-1306

Hours: 24/7

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